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Residential Solar Application

The IceCOLD product is the perfect complement to the installation of residential solar systems. The reduced use of electricity from your HVAC system created by the use of the energy efficiency IceCOLD(®) Technology greatly improves the value of the solar installation. The IceCOLD product will reduce the electricity consumption of air conditioning units by 15% to 20%. The use of the IceCOLD product will increase the cost effectiveness of your total solar installation and ensure the best return on investment. Many residential solar companies have included the IceCOLD product benefits with its solar installation to substantially improve the reduction of electricity consumption from your home HVAC system. Adding the IceCOLD product to the solar project for a residential home will result in reduced air-conditioning electrical consumption by as much as 20%, lower overall maintenance for the life of the HVAC system, improved and faster cooling in your home, and HVAC equipment that will last longer.

Are you using one of these Authorized IceCOLD(®) Residential Solar
Contractors? If not, ask your solar contractor about IceCOLD(®).

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U. S. Solar
Homestar Solar
Impact Solar
Eco Evolutions
Epiphany Energy
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