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IceCOLD® has been Validated by the Following Organizations for Good Business Practices and Efficiency

Queensland Transport and Logistics Council

IceCOLD Technology™,LLC received a government grant to validate efficiency gains achieved by IceCOLD® to reduce diesel fuel consumption and lower carbon emissions.

General Services Administration

IceCOLD® is approved for purchase for the United States Federal Government.

Uptime Institute

IceCOLD® was awarded honorable mention for a study conducted by the Uptime Institute. The study was conducted in 2012 and focused on data-center energy reduction. IceCOLD® delivered measurable and substantial efficiency gains and energy reduction in data center cooling equipment, which led to the recognition as an innovative green product for the IT industry.

Global Best of Green

McDonald’s Australia conducted a 5 year study of 6 locations to test energy efficiency products. After the study was completed, McDonald’s Australia recognized IceCOLD® as a recipient of their “Global Best of Green” for 2012. IceCOLD® demonstrated an average energy efficiency increase of 20% for the duration of the 5-year study.

Better Business Bureau

IceCOLD Technology™, LLC maintains an A+ Accreditation.

Performance Innovation Transport

PIT conducts performance testing in Montreal, Canada and qualifies programs and products for government subsidies and rebates. PIT conducted independent third party performance testing on IceCOLD® in refrigerated trucks. The performance testing was conducted in a completely controlled environment at the PIT facility in Montreal, and results showed a 15% reduction in diesel fuel consumption, and a 15% faster cool down inside refrigerated trailers.

Idemitsu Apollo America Corporation

Idemitsu Apollo America Corporation is a world leader in compressor oil manufacturing. Idemitsu completed testing to show that IceCOLD® is compatible with all modern compressor oils.

Intertek Laboratories

Intertek Laboratories conducted testing to show IceCOLD® compatibility with compressor parts including metals, rubber seals, and gasket materials found in compressors. The accelerated test to show the effects from the use of IceCOLD® over a long period of time showed no significant change in any of the materials exposed to IceCOLD®. In addition, Intertek conducted wear testing, which resulted in a 50% reduction in wear and friction, after the use of IceCOLD®.