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Commercial Application to Reduce Wasted Energy

IceCOLD® can be used in the majority of commercial HVAC units and refrigeration systems. The synthetic catalyst is compatible with all common refrigerants. There is also an IceCOLD® formula for treating ammonia systems. Refrigeration systems such as refrigeration racks, walk-in freezers, salad bars, reach-in coolers, and food prep tables located in supermarkets, hotels, restaurants and convenience stores can all benefit from IceCOLD® energy efficiency.

Office Buildings

In office buildings throughout the world the IceCOLD® catalyst has been installed in HVAC Rooftop Units (RTUs) and large chiller systems. The synthetic catalyst helps restore and maintain a high level of system performance, while delivering colder and better quality air. IceCOLD® is a green product, it poses no health or safety risks, and it contains no harmful toxic or carcinogenic materials. Office buildings equipped with RTUs or chillers average 18%-24% savings in kWh consumption, with a similar reduction in carbon emissions and green house gases.

Data Centers/Computer Rooms

In 2012 the Uptime Institute honored IceCOLD® with its Green Enterprise IT Award (GEIT). The award recognized the product’s energy efficiency performance in a New Jersey data-center. IceCOLD® was able to reduce the data-center’s annual kWh usage by USD $922,000, and the center achieved payback in just 6 months.

In addition, IceCOLD® was able to reduce the vent air temperature by 5 degrees, increase the efficiency of the units by 26%, and reduce the cycle run-times by 22%. Together, these enhanced operating efficiencies reduced the energy usage and carbon footprint of the facility significantly.


Restaurants across the world have installed IceCOLD® as a non-disruptive solution for cutting the cost of operating both comfort cooling (A/C) and refrigeration. Installing the IceCOLD® catalyst in restaurant HVAC units creates drier colder air that adds value to the customer experience. Behind the scenes, IceCOLD® reduces the operating cost and improves the performance of all restaurant refrigeration systems.

IceCOLD® has been installed in Pizza Hut restaurants in the U.S. state of Kansas. IceCOLD® has reduced total kWh consumption at the restaurant by an average of 20-24%. The salad bar is an important section of the restaurant that is particularly sensitive to temperature. It must operate within a specific temperature range at all time. If the salad bar temperature does not comply with required regulation, the restaurant is forced to remove all the produce on display and achieve the regulation operating temperature before the restaurant is allowed to restock. Following the installation of IceCOLD® in the restaurant’s salad bars, the units have not had a single temperature violation.

As a participant in the Australian Government’s Global Best of Green program, McDonald’s Australia installed IceCOLD® in their HVAC and refrigeration systems at 6 restaurants. The objective was to test the product’s energy efficiency performance plus its long-term viability. The test ran for 5 years and throughout this period IceCOLD® consistently delivered an average energy efficiency improvement of 20% to all 6 restaurants.

Convenience Stores/Supermarkets

HVAC and refrigeration systems can contribute 60% or more to the total energy cost of a supermarket or convenience store. Installing IceCOLD® in these facilities can reduce kWh consumption by 12-18%.

Following the installation of IceCOLD® Tesco, the leading British supermarket chain, experienced a 24% reduction in kWh consumption. Similar results were found in OpenCore/SuperCor units operated by el Corte Ingles in Spain where the average reduction in kWh consumption was 22%.

IceCOLD® was also tested in the Frigus Bohn Factory Laboratory in a new multi-door Heatcraft refrigerated case designed for use in convenience stores. The test concluded that the installation of IceCOLD® reduced the energy needed to cool the refrigerated cases by 28%.